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Lightning Scientific Arnis International-Philippine Dynamic Arnis (LSAI-PDA) Time Line

2009 May 29 - LSAI-PDA of Founder/Grandmaster Rogelio H. Galvarole took the 3rd place for the Batang Pinoy and Team categories during the Mayor Jerry P. Treñas Regional Arnis Cup 2009 Regional Arnis Tournament held by the Arnis Philippines (ArPi)-Iloilo City Chapter under Commissioner Bonnie A. Celendro with the full support of the Iloilo City Government under Hon. Mayor Jerry P. Treñas at the Robinson’s Place, Iloilo City. Gold medalists for the Labanan (Full Contact) Division, Batang Pinoy Event (12 years old and below) were Joshua Delfin (11-12 years old), Christian James Torre (9-10 years old), G. Lacorita (9-10 years old), Rholenz Lacorita (6-8 years old), Dhondy Reyes (9-10 years old), and Crystal Torre (9-10 years old). Gold medalists for the Labanan Division, Seniors Men category were Gian Karlo Demaisip (66 kg. and up), Christopher Dimalawan (55-60 kg.), Andres Limbo (60-65 kg.), and Eugene Sonusta (51 kg. and below). Double gold medalist for Anyo (Forms) Division, Individual event, senior women’s solo baston and doble baston was Jessica Colmenares. Bronze medalist for Anyo, Batang Pinoy girls double baston was Mary Cathlene Dayon. Masters Rogel Tanjuangco and Jessica Colmenares were Assistant Coaches. 2008 - Two fighters from LSAI-PDA augmented and contributed to the medal haul of the Iloilo City Arnis Team headed by Masters Randy Seneres and Bonnie Celendro during the 1st Bacolod NOBF KaliSilat Sport Arnis Invitational Tournament held by the KaliSilat Arnis Association (KAA) of Grandmaster Danilo “Danny” Cardinal in cooperation with the Negros Occidental Baston Federation (NOBF) of Col. Atty. Grandmaster Marcelo C. Jalandoon, Ph.D., the Union of Martial Arts Organizations of Negros and Bacolod (UMAONEBA) of Atty. Emilio Alimon, and the International Modern Arnis Federation, Philippines (IMAFP) at the Atrium Area, Gaisano City Bacolod Supermall, Brgy. Singcang, Araneta St. , Bacolod City. Rogel A. Tanjuangco took the gold in the Individual Anyo, Seniors Men event while Nerma Destacamento got the gold in the Individual Anyo, Seniors Men category. Together they got silver in the Duelo event. Nerma Destacamento also took another silver in the Labanan Seniors Women 53 kg. category. 2007 Oct. 6 – LSAI-PDA of Founder/Grandmaster Rogelio H. Galvarole was crowned champion in the Arnis de Mano Division (IFFMAS rules) with a 2-1 win-loss streak during the Best of Filipino Martial Arts Exposition held by the Philippine Integrated Martial Arts Academy-Filipino Tang Soo Do Association (PIMAA-FTSDA), Inc. of Master Elmer V. Montoyo in cooperation with the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) of Negros Occidental, Inc. of President Ernesto Pama Jr. and the Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS) at the Negros Occidental Multi Purpose Activity Center (NOMPAC), Aguinaldo St., Bacolod City. Alfonso Lahayhay of LSAI-PDA won over Yvonny de la Cruz of NUFAA (45-51 kg.). Stevie John Doctora of NUFAA over Kenneth Gabriel of LSAI-PDA (58-68 kg.). Noe Valdevarona of LSAI-PDA won over Jake Bugna of Tribu Hangaway (openweight). LSAI-PDA also gave a demonstration bout, between Nerma Destacamento and Alfonso Lahayhay, using PDA Arnis rules. GM Galvarole also led his students in demonstrating various various Likha Anyo (Creative Forms). During the event, GM Galvarole honored Tournament Director Master Elmer V. Montoyo as “Best Promoter of the Year 2007 in Negros” for a professionally run tournament. GM Galvarole also extended the same award to Master James U. Sy Jr. for helping out Master Montoyo. 2007 – Alfonso Lahayhay (forms), Nerma Destacamento (sparring half middleweight) and Noe Valdevarona of LSAI-PDA took a gold, gold, and silver medal respectively during the Philippine Olympic Festival (POF) Arnis event.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 LSAI-PDA Rank Promotions

Founder/Grandmaster Rogelio H. Galvarole awarded rank promotions to 53 members of his Lightning Scientific Arnis International-Philippine Dynamic Arnis (LSAI-PDA) last February 28, 2010 at the Laspaz Gym, Plaza Lapaz, Iloilo City.


Kent John Bagsain
Jovey Dayon
Rolyn Delfin
Andrea Mae Fernandez
Carl Vincent Fernandez
Kent Joseph Fernandez
Rodney Gonzales
Girly Grayata
Jason Patrick Gumayan
Joshua Gumayan
Juliana Pauline Gumayan
Roland La Corita
Rolins La Corita
Christina Nombres


Herman Clarito II
Mary Catherine Dayon
Jenelyn Delfin
Angelique Dumlao
Jet Dumlao
Analyn Estrilles
G. La Corita


Manuelito Artuz
Jabe Paul Caellan
Jessica Delfin
Joshua Delfin
Rojielyn Francisco
Myrna Ga
Henry Giner
Zaldy Labayan
Benedicto Luna
Jamilla Martin
Santos Peniero
Jemela Santisteban
Rey Santisteban
Luiela Tribal
John Lord Villaruel

Roel Gegare
Joel Giacaniga
Romar Lacsa
Rosana Lastimosa
Robelyn Hontarigo
J.D. Matullano
Rey Pajutrao

Gian carlo demaisip
Joy tenorio

Gorgonio Lozada
Eiman Sarte

Rolando Tolentino

John Corona
Cheryl Responso
James U. Sy Jr.

Chery Mae Destacamento
Grace Soldevilla

Rogel Tanjuangco

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Certified Instructors of Philippine Dynamic Arnis (PDA)

Founder/Grandmaster Rogelio H. Galvarole Sr. Master Instructor Vic Abulacion
Master Instructor Ronelo Alba
Master Instructor Christopher Ariete
Master Instructor Nonito C. Batiloy
Master Instructor Noly Bismanos
Master Instructor Roy Calalas
Master Instructor Ronnie Catalan
Master Instructor John S. Corona
Master Instructor Cherry Mae E. Destacamento
Master Instructor Romeo C. Estriles
Master Instructor Ivan Filarca
Master Instructor Aurelio H. Galvarole
Master Instructor Eliseo H. Galvarole
Master Instructor Jomar Golilao
Master Instructor Joemarie Gubatanga
Master Instructor Romulo Jimenea
Master Instructor Lucell A. Larawan
Master Instructor Jessie A. Laxina
Master Instructor Joe Menard C. Lobos
Master Instructor Jenancio P. Madeoya
Master Instructor Rene Millanes
Master Instructor Ryan Moral
Master Instructor Sobiro Muyco
Master Instructor Fred Palabrica
Master Instructor Philip C. Ricablanca
Master Instructor Tawi Ricardo
Master Instructor Lino P. Roquero
Master Instructor Randy Saing
Master Instructor Roger Sermonia
Master Instructor Kristy Setia-Gaboya
Master Instructor Grace S. Soldevilla
Master Instructor Rogel A. Tanjuangco
Master Instructor James U. Sy Jr.
Master Instructor Teodoro A. Titar III
Master Instructor Rolando Tolentino
Master Instructor Noe B. Valdevarona
Master Instructor Marilou D. Valero

What is LSAI-PDA

The Philippine Dynamic Arnis (PDA) is a non-profit group and system of Arnis founded by Grandmaster Rogelio H. Galvarole in Lapaz, Iloilo City

It is a sister club to the Philippine Si-Su-Do Philippine (PSSA), a group propagating Shorin-ryu Karate and Sipa Sumbag that was also founded by GM galvarole.  

The group was renamed to Lightning Scientific Arnis International-Philippine Dynamic Arnis (LSAI-PDA) after it affiliated with the Lightning Scientific Arnis International (LSAI)-Capiz Chapter of Grandmaster Carlito Ondillo on December 31, 2001.

LSAI-PDA is also affiliated with the Intercontinental Federation of Filipino Martial Arts Schools (IFFMAS) under its President Grandmaster Elmer V. Montoyo.

LSAI-PDA training is at the La Paz Plaza. It is the largest Arnis group practicing at the park


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